Gerda sets out on an adventure to rescue her best friend Kai from the Snow Queen's icy palace.


Once upon a time, in the freezing, frozen, faraway North, there lived an ugly troll, a VERY ugly and very BAD troll. For he had EVIL and WICKEDNESS in his heart. The troll had created a giant ice mirror with special magic powers that distorted and changed the appearance of everything that was reflected in it. Beauty was turned into ugliness, right turned to wrong, everything good was turned bad. The wicked troll took the ice mirror around the world laughed at the way it changed the people who looked into it.

One day, he took the mirror high into the sky but suddenly it slipped from his grasp and fell back to earth, shattering into a hundred million pieces, into shards, and splinters and some pieces no bigger than a glittering grain of sand.

In the land of the ice and snow lived the beautiful Snow Queen, the Queen of the Snowflakes. She ruled the winter, bringing snow and cold and ice in the wintertime.

But a piece of the ice mirror fell into her soul too – and slowly but surely she too became infected with wickedness as her heart became … FROZEN.

You think you know FROZEN – but this is the TRUE story of the Snow Queen - how a boy and a girl from the big city saved her life and how the POWER OF LOVE made her good.

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